Welcome to Umbrella Disability Services

Our passion is to create a relationship-based support service for people of all age groups who live with daily challenges.

We assist people with disabilities, children in Out Of Home Care, families and communities who could use some extra support from time to time, no matter how complex their needs.

This is the foundation on which Umbrella Disability is founded.

What We Do

Short Term Accommodation

Short-term Accommodation replaces what we’ve previously called Respite and provides a wonderful opportunity for people with disability to have a holiday and for their families and carers to take a break. Our short stay respite or overnight stay centre is warm, inviting and created to feel like a home away from home. The accommodation here is designed to cater for varying client needs and preferences. There’s a great range of social opportunities and recreational activities at our respite centre, all with a focus on engaging our participants with as much or as little interaction as they are comfortable with.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Share Living Arrangement Home are design around our participant’s needs, we provide a range of accommodation options to enable you to live more independently.

Our support programs give greater choice and control over who you choose to live with and how the supports in your home are structured.

VOOHC Service

Umbrella Disability Services is an approved Voluntary Out-of-Home (VOOHC) Care Provider registered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian to provide centre-based Out-of-Home Care. If support is needed to assist with care for children and young people with disability outside the family home, Umbrella Disability Services can assist. Voluntary out of home care provides respite for children and young people who are living with their family members or carers.

Support Coordination

Everything we do is about providing support.

It makes sense then, that as a recognised NDIS business, we work with participants to navigate the three categories of support coordination:


  • Support connection
  • Support coordination
  • Specialist support

Connecting with the Community

Being an active member of the community is something we support with great enthusiasm at Umbrella Disability Services.  We work with participants to create opportunities for local community involvement, fostering a spirit of inclusion and a desire to make life fun – varied and socially engaging!

Daily Personal Activities

It’s a great joy for our team to help our participants live independently in their home or shared accommodation. Our staff are highly trained and skilled in assisting and supervising personal daily tasks that allow participants to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Travel & Transport Assistance

We know that transport can be one of the biggest issues when mobility is limited. As part of our range of services, we can assist carers and family members by providing transport and companionship for our participants.

Daily Living and Life Skills Development

We are passionate about helping all our participants thrive in their day to day lives. Each person we work with has a different set of needs and skills when it comes to navigating each day. Our team are experts in assisting people to develop the tools they need to enjoy every day. From personal care, to laundry or getting a driver’s license or opening a bank account, we are there to support and to help you achieve your goals.

Community Nursing Care

As an organisation that thrives and prides itself on equality, trust, integrity, empowerment and hope, our nursing team believes that everyone deserves the right care, especially in their most vulnerable times. Therefore we provide care which extends to where you are most comfortable – whether this is in your own home or a shared facility.

Accommodation and Tenancy

Having a safe, caring home environment is essential to us all. With this in mind, and with the assistance of the NDIS, Umbrella Disability Service provides support and advocacy services in order to maintain housing, giving clients a sense of belonging.

Refer a Participant

Refer a Participant

Why Choose UDS?

At Umbrella Disability Services (UDS), we are a genuine client-focused and relationship building business with a commitment to quality. In everything we do, we always put our customers’ needs first.

Our Service Difference

With a genuine commitment to customer services and a decade of hand on experience, UDS assures you a dedicated team with a passion for ultimate care.

Our History

Umbrella Disability Services (UDS) is an innovative and emerging disability provider bore from shared-passion and vision of an inclusive industry.

We have an experienced team with over a decades worth of experience amongst the team. We prioritise delivering the best disability services on the market.

We Value our Clients